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AERIN x The Colony Palm Beach
Escape to the Villa Jasmine for sun-soaked afternoons with serious flair.
Designed and curated by Aerin Lauder of the beloved luxury brand AERIN, the Villa Jasmine at The Colony offers guests idyllic, luxury living in the heart of Palm Beach. Together, The Colony and AERIN have merged the hotel’s rich history that dates back to 1929 with modern-day amenities and design elements that evoke the true Palm Beach lifestyle. The picturesque Villa offers a private entrance for guests with indoor-outdoor access through classic French doors to the 2,100-square-foot accommodation, featuring two large bedrooms, two full-size bathrooms, a kitchen, and spacious living and dining room areas.
In classic AERIN fashion, the Villa is designed with a keen eye, paying homage to its old-school glamour mixed with the elegance of its locale. The design is charming, feminine, and classically timeless. Lighting and decor from the AERIN collection are featured throughout, including sea-inspired vases and lighting that nod to the property’s proximity to the water, as well as beach-chic, woven rattan furniture. It is rounded out by eye-catching hues of rich, deep green from lush florals and plants that bring outside elements inside the Villa. So read along and escape to the Villa Jasmine for sun-soaked afternoons with serious flair.
Interior Photos: Brantley Photography | Portrait Photos: Nick Mele
Create a welcoming space for informal entertaining with rattan furniture, breezy textiles, a nature-inspired tablescape, and illuminate the details with a sculptural ceiling fixture such as AERIN’s Cosima Large Chandelier, shown in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with Plaster White Shade.
A hallway featuring natural textures, such as a cane console paired with potted palms, connects an entrance with the outdoors. Create visual impact with vibrant and organic lighting silhouettes like the Benit Medium Sculpted Chandelier, shown in Plaster White and Gild from AERIN.
Soft floral textiles paired with white lacquer furniture create a serene space for sleep and relaxation. To inject style and personality, layer in Mid-Century Modern lighting with designs such as AERIN’s Capra Medium Table Lamp, Fliana Table Lamp, and Clemente Floor Lamp.

Experience our family of brands at Visual Comfort & Co.

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