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The Lorelei Series
From Julie Neill, a glamourous bejeweled series of cascading fluted glass droplets.
The Lorelei series creates an alluring luminous effect as light comes rippling through a waterfall of artisanal fluted glass droplets. These luxurious silhouettes bring together premium quality and style with a level of master craftsmanship that will endure for generations. The fluidity of the design immediately captivates the eye, making it a showstopping addition to the entryway, formal dining room, or any room you’re looking to make a statement. Design your next project with this jewelry-like series to embody the same grandeur of a romantic bygone era.
Thoughtfully arranged in a cascading formation, the vertical characteristics of the fluted droplets are reminiscent of a fringed 1920’s flapper dress. Enjoy the way light refracts through the artisanal glass, creating a shimmering, bejeweled look.
Jewel-like glass finials elevate the design with subtle yet luxurious details. These unexpected flourishes add another level of sparkle and call attention to the bespoke character that is quintessentially Julie Neill.
While the Lorelei profiles exude an art deco flair, artisanal finishes can change the overall look with your choice of either the vintage beauty of hand-applied gild or the sleek, modernity of polished nickel. From a Waterfall Sconce, a Semi-Flush Mount, and Waterfall Chandeliers in five sizes, the breadth of styles we offer allows you to imagine this design in various settings.

Experience our family of brands at Visual Comfort & Co.

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