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A Modern Classic
Marie Flanigan's debut lighting collection tells a story of timeless allure.
Designer Marie Flanigan has a romantic relationship with light. For Marie, lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when designing a space for impact. She believes the transformative power of light can affect our mood and experience in an environment due to how it changes the way we see materials and colors. Throughout Marie's debut lighting collection, unexpected marriages between materiality, structure, and light source tell a story of timeless allure. Her unbelievable eye for scale and proportion brings a new point of view to familiar forms. Read along to learn how Marie focuses on the details that weave a thread of simplicity throughout each design while delivering impact with understated elegance.
Watch our video with designer Marie Flanigan and Executive Vice President of Visual Comfort & Co. Charles Neal as they introduce the impeccable craftsmanship and amazing attention to detail of this modern classic collection.
What impact does lighting have on a space?
MARIE: No other design element possesses the transformative power of light. It affects the way we see, and the way we experience a space. It can affect our mood, it transforms color and texture, and brings a space to life.
What inspired your design focus to shift towards product design?
MARIE: The magic that happens with interior design are all the intangible elements that you experience when you walk through a space. One of the reasons why I became an interior designer from working as an architect is because I wanted to control all of the details that go into making a space truly beautiful and special. When someone enters one of the spaces I designed I want them to feel welcome, but also delighted by the details that they find along the way. That's why now I'm moving into more product design because I've been designing custom pieces for years, and the ability to drill down the way the different materials connect to one another, that's what makes a light fixture special.
Tell us a little about your debut lighting collection with Visual Comfort?
MARIE: Each design filters the light in dynamic, innovative ways, often hiding the light source or filtering it through hand-formed glass. No detail was spared. We searched the globe to find the perfect craftsmen, to bring each fixture to life. From raw plaster to wood, to fluted metal and historic glass, each of the finishes weave a thread of simplicity and raw refinement. When you take home one of these light fixtures, you're bringing home a statement piece that is completely timeless.
Featuring: Durham Large Table Lamp | Photography Courtsey of Marie Flanigan
What are some common issues that people face when choosing light fixtures for their house?
MARIE: A lot of times, people are buying homes where the light fixtures have already been selected and installed without the entire room design in mind. Another challenge people face is the lack of craftsmanship some fixtures may have. They see something online they think will be beautiful, and when it arrives, the details just aren't there.
How does your lighting collection solve those problems?
MARIE: Buyers today are so informed. And I think when people go out to select a light fixture for their home, they're looking for something unique, and something that creates impact in a room. When designing my lighting collection, I wanted to bring in unique materials that created a lot of impact while calling on simplicity to make them iconic. I was inspired by historical fixtures and aimed to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary, allowing each piece to blend effortlessly into a wide range of styles.
Featuring: Menil Large Chandelier and Reve Medium Tube Sconce | Photography Courtsey of Marie Flanigan
Marie Flanigan
Modern Classic. Raw refinement. Unexpected moments.

Experience our family of brands at Visual Comfort & Co.

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