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Nature Never Goes Out of Style
Stylish silhouettes crafted with organic materials that express longevity.
The organic experience of bamboo and rattan can create a casual yet elegant feel to any home. Due to their versatility, these natural materials can be crafted in various forms to suit a wide range of lighting styles for any application. Because these materials have been a part of interior home design for ages, rattan and bamboo lighting fixtures have a certain level of longevity. In addition, with a growing desire to connect with the outside world, rattan and bamboo are excellent ways to bring the outdoors into your living space. If you’re looking for a natural element that complements the other accents in your home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the instant character this overhead accessory gives a room. Here is a beautiful selection of bamboo and rattan lighting designs to add texture and architectural interest to any space.
Evoking the attractive and classic feel of a traditional resort, the Dalfern designed by Ralph Lauren is timeless in its refined and tailored appearance. Featuring decorative design elements such as waxed bamboo and sleek, lustrous shades, this series presents the perfect juxtaposition of natural materials and elegant metalwork. As a result, this series feels at home in both a traditional or contemporary setting with its demonstration of artisanal luxury and handsome sophistication.
Boasting natural materials, the Reine designed by Suzanne Kasler is understated in its simplicity and cuts a crisp and refined silhouette wherever it hangs. Suspended from a relaxed lazy cord, this design’s attractive, artisanal, conical shade illuminates its space with a focused and distinct light. Compatible with a variety of interiors, this piece adds a casual, tailored elegance to any space, and works well on its own, or in multiples.
Showcasing a beautiful interplay between the organic texture of hand-woven rattan and the luxurious qualities of metal, the Elle designed by Suzanne Kasler is a chic and unique addition to familiar lighting silhouettes. Its elegant linen shades allow for a warm and captivating glow, while its sleek and refined form offers a versatile appeal and a sense of sophistication.

Experience our family of brands at Visual Comfort & Co.

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